Add and Format Objects

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Add and Format Objects

Add and Format Objects

You can add objects to your worksheets, such as pictures, ClipArt, shapes, and screenshots.

To add an object to your worksheet:

  1. From the INSERT tab, in the Illustrations group, select an option to add an object. Object Options
  2. You can change the position of the inserted object by clicking and dragging it within the worksheet. First hover your cursor over it until it becomes a four-headed arrow. Four-Headed Arrow
  3. You can add a border to your object by right-clicking the object and selecting Outline. Outline Option
  4. Use the options in the drop-down list to add a border. Border Options

Insert a Text Box

You can insert a text box in a worksheet.

To insert a text box:

  1. On the INSERT tab, in the Text group, select Text Box. Text Box Option
  2. Your cursor will change to look like an upside-down cross. Click and drag to insert the text box where you want it in your worksheet. Inserted Text Box
  3. Now you can type within the text box. Typing in Text Box