Using the New Excel Functions - Exercise

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Using the New Excel Functions - Exercise

Using the New Excel Functions

Duration: 5 to 10 minutes.

In this exercise, you will use one of the new functions available in Excel 2013.

  1. Open New Functions.xlsx from your Excel2013.2/Exercises folder.
  2. Use the new DAYS function to determine the amount of time between the two dates that are listed in Column A.


  1. Select Cell B2
  2. Select the FORMULAS tab and in the Function Library group, select the Date & Time tab. Date & Time Tab
  3. Select DAYS. DAYS Option
  4. In the Function Arguments dialog box, enter "A3" as the End_date and "A2" as the Start_date and click OK. End and Start Dates
  5. Notice that 56 days are between these two dates. Days Between Dates