Working with Additional Resources

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Working with Additional Resources

Working with Additional Resources

We have gone over some resources that the instructional designer will work with in the design process, the client and possibly a subject-matter expert. Depending on the working situation, the ID may work with a number of other resources, including:

  • Project manager: Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the project and its timelines.
  • Editor/quality assurance analyst: Edits the content that is created and verifies that any course functionality is correct.
  • Graphic designer: If the course contains graphic elements, they may be created, formatted, and edited by a graphic designer.
  • Video director: If the training contains video, the video director will create and oversee video collection.
  • IT department personnel: If the training is to be delivered online or partially online, IT professionals will need to be involved to help facilitate the learning and resolve learner technology issues.
  • The human resources department: Often, organizational training originates with and/or is distributed by the human resources department, making their involvement integral.

Imagine you are working as an instructional designer, designing an online training course for your organization on new time-tracking software that all employees will need to use to log their time. In this case, the human resources department is your client, in that they have identified the need for the training and initiated the process. You work with a subject-matter expert from XYZ Software, the software company. Your training is going to involve some interactive screens with graphics, so you will work with a graphic designer within your department. A project manager is overseeing the project and keeping the project schedule. Your IT department is going to be responsible for uploading the course, as well as for tracking user activity and completion. As you can see, you will work with quite a few other people in creating and delivering your course.