The Role of the Instructional Designer

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The Role of the Instructional Designer

The Role of the Instructional Designer

The instructional designer, often called the ID, oversees the creation of the instruction, through the entire process. Some IDs:

  • Work as part of training organizations within companies.
  • Work for firms that deal solely with producing training for other companies.
  • Work independently as consultants.

What Does an ID Do?

Depending on the working environment of an ID, his or her work will generally involve:

  • Working with subject-matter experts.
  • Performing needs analyses to determine training needs.
  • Creating objectives to address learning needs.
  • Develop content in the model that is being used.
  • Create assessments to assess learner knowledge post-learning.

This is not an all-encompassing list; IDs may perform different tasks based on the needs of the client, as well as the environment in which they work.

Furthermore, instructional designers may work in-house, for example, within a company's training department. Not all companies have in-house training departments, however, so some IDs work on a contract or consulting basis. They may be brought in on a temporary basis to create training.