The Design Plan

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The Design Plan

The Design Plan

The design plan is often the first element that the ID will create, often with the help of the SME, on the way to organizing and ultimately creating and delivering instruction.

Define the Design Plan

A design plan, sometimes, known as a design document, is a preliminary document that lays out various information that has been collected, as well as the plan for the design of the instruction.

The following elements may be included in a design plan:

  • Results of the learner analysis: intended audience.
  • Results of the needs assessment and task analysis.
  • Instructional layout.
  • Timing of lessons.

When constructing the design plan, the instructional designer will take into account how the information will be sequenced and organized.

The following is the beginning of the design plan for our hypothetical course on business writing:

How Is it Used to Construct Learning?

After the design plan has been reviewed by any potential stakeholders, if necessary, it becomes the basis for creating the instruction. It is the "bones" of the instruction, providing a framework for the creation of, for example, the lessons, tasks, activities, quizzes, and assessment that a course will contain.