Reviewing Instructional Strategies - Exercise

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Reviewing Instructional Strategies - Exercise

Reviewing Instructional Strategies

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will use your knowledge of instructional strategies to answer the following questions.

Keep in mind this scenario, from the previous lesson: You are working as an ID in your organization, and the head of human resources has come to your group with a specific need for the group to develop some training on working with difficult coworkers.

  1. In the course, you want to introduce learners to the negotiation process. Which instructional element might this be, and how would you teach it?
  2. You also want learners to understand healthy boundaries. Which instructional element might this be, and how would you teach it?


  1. This could be an example of a procedure, since the process likely has steps. Teaching a procedure can be done by listing out the steps and then having learners practice these steps in a real-world environment. If your training were to be in a classroom setting, students could role-play the steps of the negotiation process, for example.
  2. Healthy boundaries is most likely a concept, since this is an idea. Teaching concepts can be accomplished through discrimination. Perhaps you would have an exercise where students would determine if scenarios display healthy boundaries or not.