Reviewing Design Plans - Exercise

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Reviewing Design Plans - Exercise

Reviewing Design Plans

Duration: 20 to 30 minutes.

In this exercise, you will use your knowledge of design plans to answer the following questions.

Keep in mind this scenario, from the previous lesson: You are working as an ID in your organization, and the head of human resources has come to your group with a specific need for the group to develop some training on working with difficult coworkers.

  1. Use the blank design plan template to create a design plan for the course. Add more topics and lessons if need be. To access the table template, open Design Plan.doc
  2. Who might review the design plan before you proceed with developing the course?


  1. Answers will vary. To see an example of a filled-in design plan, open Design Plan-HR course example.doc.
  2. HR should review the design plan, since they requested the training. There may be other stakeholders who should review, such as management. As an ID, you should determine who needs to sign off on the plan.