Layout and Course Design

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Layout and Course Design

Layout and Course Design

When working with creating course materials, it is likely that IDs will use illustrations of some sort; they may be photo images, graphics, graphs, animations, and so on. There are some basic design best practices that can help instructional designers create meaningful courses.

There are studies that show that the majority of learners need to see information in order to learn it. For example, using illustrations can help learners see how things are related, grouped, and organized.

Visual Design in Instructional Design

There are a number of visual elements that instructional designers use to enforce learning.

  • Timeline: Used to show a sequence of events.
  • Flowchart: Can illustrate a procedure or set of ordered steps.
  • Diagram: Useful for explaining a system.
  • Photograph: Used to show a real-world example.
  • Chart: Visual way to represent relationships in quantity.
  • Screen capture: Useful when illustrating computer procedures.