Reviewing the Four Levels of Assessment - Exercise

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Reviewing the Four Levels of Assessment - Exercise

Reviewing the Four Levels of Assessment

Duration: 15 to 20 minutes.

In this exercise, you will use your knowledge of Kirkpatrick's levels of assessment to answer the following questions.

Keep in mind this scenario from the previous lessons: You are working as an ID in your organization, and the head of human resources has come to your group with a specific need for the group to develop some training on working with difficult coworkers.

  1. You are planning to interview a few participants of the training to determine their reaction to it. What are some questions you might put on the questionnaire you plan to administer?
  2. How might you measure behavior on learners who took the course?
  3. Can you think of ways you might assess the results level?


  1. Answers will vary but may include: did you think the training worked? Did you think the facilitator was skilled? Is there anything you would change about the way the training was delivered?
  2. Answers will vary but may include the following: at some point after the training was complete, you could spend a few hours with the team, watching them work and noting if they were experiencing less conflict. You could also speak to the learners' manager to see any changes have been noticed.
  3. Answers will vary but may include meeting with the team's manager and human resources a few months after training is complete to go over if a decrease in conflict on the team has been noticed. Another thing to do would be to ask if employee turnover has decreased.