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Learning Support

Learning Support

A key consideration in implementing instruction is learner support, no matter the instruction's delivery. Especially if the instruction is in the form of e-learning that will be taken individually by learners, it is integral to have a support system in place.

Who Will Support Learning?

If learning is delivered in a classroom setting, learner support will be provided by the instructor.

If learning is delivered online, the instructional designer must consider how students will receive support. Issues may come in the form of technical problems, from inability to log into the course to issues with navigating through the course.

Many online courses contain a Help section, which learners can consult when they are having problems.

In terms of content support, again, in a classroom setting learners have the ability to speak to instructors face to face. In an online course, will learners be able to participate with an instructor or SME in any way?

How Will Learners Be Supported?

Support can happen at the level of an individual instructor in a classroom setting to an online Help file in an online setting.

Another aspect of learner support to consider is organizational support. If you, as the ID, are designing training for learners in your own organization or within a different company, it is important to consider and decide on managerial support.

Back to our previous example of creating an instructor-led course on business writing, imagine your next task is to create an online course on proposal writing. This course will be taken individually by students online, on their own time.

You need to consider how they will be supported. The course model includes a technical FAQ section, where learners can find answers to common questions such as how to mute their audio and navigate from screen to screen.

If they have questions about the content, learners are going to be told to send them to their managers, who will then collect all of the questions and send them to you. You will then be in touch with the subject-matter expert who helped with the course to get answers. This plan will be communicated to learners before they begin taking the course.