Implementing and Distributing Learning - Exercise

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Implementing and Distributing Learning - Exercise

Implementing and Distributing Learning

Duration: 20 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will use your knowledge of implementing and distributing learning to answer the following questions.

Keep in mind this scenario from the previous lessons: You are working as an ID in your organization, and the head of human resources has come to your group with a specific need for the group to develop some training on working with difficult coworkers.

This training will take place in a classroom setting as instructor-led training.

  1. How will you prepare students for the training? Are there any prerequisites that you think they should possess?
  2. You are preparing a facilitator plan for the HR training, and you need to suggest a type of facilitator. What type of teacher would be an ideal facilitator for this class?


  1. Answers will vary but may include that the training will be delivered online and learners' systems must meet certain requirements, so they should check their system setup ahead of schedule. You would need to communicate this to learners ahead of time.
  2. Answers will vary but may include the ideal facilitator will have experience in managing different personalities and a familiarity with the workplace the training will take place in. This could be someone from HR, a mediator, or a facilitator with experience in managing different personalities.