Following Up

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Following Up

Following Up

Another step in the implementation process is following up on the training. In your role of instructional designer, you may need to follow up on the implementation in the following ways:

  • Meet with stakeholders to ensure that they are satisfied with the learning.
  • Check in with the instructor to determine if any issues have arisen. If the instruction is going to be taught multiple times, there may be an opportunity to make improvements to it before its next iteration.
  • If the course is conducted online, monitor for any technical issues that may need to be addressed. This may involve meeting with an IT department.

In our business writing course, if the course is going to be taught a second time, we may check in with the facilitator to determine if anything needs to be changed. For example, maybe the facilitator determines that the lesson on writing business proposals takes too long to deliver in a classroom setting. This gives you an opportunity to alter the lesson before the next training class takes place.