Development Tools

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Development Tools

Development Tools

In the course of developing training, the instructional designer may use any of a number of programs to aid development.

The following are some commonly used programs and applications:

  1. Captivate: An Adobe product used to develop eLearning. Captivate is useful when creating demonstrations and simulations, in particular. It can also capture screen actions and convert PowerPoint files to Flash files.
  2. Dreamweaver: Adobe Dreamweaver is used to develop eLearning. Dreamweaver uses a "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) format, allowing authors without extensive knowledge of HTML to develop with it. It is a web design program.
  3. Flash: Adobe Flash is also used for the development of eLearning that will be played in the Adobe Flash player. Flash is especially useful for developing interactions and game-based courseware.
  4. Articulate and Storyline: Articulate and Articulate Storyline are two products used to develop eLearning. Both programs integrate with Microsoft PowerPoint and allow authoring of online and mobile courses. Storyline is especially suited for scenario-based eLearning.
  5. Camtasia: TechSmith's Camtasia program is used in instructional design to create simulations and videos, in particular. Camtasia allows the user to record screen actions and audio simultaneously.
  6. InDesign: Adobe InDesign is used to create manuals and other print and digital material. InDesign can publish content that is suitable for tablet devices.
  7. Quark: Another tool for developing print courseware is QuarkXPress, which is another program that uses a WYSIWYG format, allowing for easier authoring. The latest version of QuarkXPress allows users to create apps.
  8. Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is graphics software used to create and edit images, in particular, photo images. More recent versions of Photoshop allow for 3D image creation.
  9. Illustrator: Adobe Illustrator is a graphics program used to create and illustrations and graphics. It is especially suited for graphics that involve text elements.
  10. Server applications: Server applications include such things as Windows Server and database software. These applications are used to host content and learning management systems (LMSs).
  11. WebEx: WebEx is a Cisco product used to host webinars. It can integrate voice and video, along with &A sessions. It is possible to integrate WebEx with an organizations' learning management system.
  12. Adobe Connect: Adobe Connect is web-conferencing software that is used to host webinars. It incorporates voice and video and can also be used as a rapid eLearning development tool.

This list of development tools is not all-inclusive. Instructional designers may work in other programs, such as PowerPoint or Word, among others, as well.