Conducting a Pilot Class

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Conducting a Pilot Class

Conducting a Pilot Class

One way to determine if the instruction that has been created is effective is to run a pilot or test class. Ideally, the pilot class will be with a group of students or others acting as students. This is a chance for the instructional designer to assess if the learning is effective and if there are any issues that become apparent that need to be addressed before the training goes "live."

If the course is online training, the pilot class can illustrate any technical issues as well as content issues.

During the pilot class, useful information for the instructional designer to collect includes:

  • Goals and objectives: Were the course's goals and objectives achieved or does the instruction need to be adjusted?
  • Topic order: Do the topics and lessons flow well? Is there any need to reorder any of the instruction's elements?
  • Timing. Is the timing of the course accurate? Does any content need to be adjusted?