Reviewing How to Conduct a Needs Assessment - Exercise

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Reviewing How to Conduct a Needs Assessment - Exercise

Reviewing How to Conduct a Needs Assessment

Duration: 20 to 30 minutes.

In this exercise, you will use your knowledge of conducting a needs assessment to answer the following questions.

Keep in mind this scenario, from the previous lesson: You are working as an ID in your organization, and the head of human resources has come to your group with a specific need for the group to develop some training on working with difficult coworkers.

  1. In determining needs, it is important to realize who is requesting the change and what change is being asked for. Who is requesting the change in this scenario? What is the change being asked for?
  2. What data gathering methods might you use to assess the instructional needs?
  3. If you were to use the observation method of data collection, how might you go about this?
  4. Use the blank needs analysis table to fill in what it might look like after you have met with the head of HR to discuss the training needs. To access the table template, open Needs Analysis Chart.docx. Some questions to consider asking include:
    • Why is the learning being requested? What issue or problem does it need to address?
    • Who is requesting the learning? Who will the learning be targeted at?
    • How can the issue or problem be addressed?
    • What is the best way to address the issue or problem? What learning format should be used (online, instructor-led, etc.)? What else, if anything, should be considered?
    • When does this learning need to occur? What are the timeframes for it to take place?


  1. The head of the human resources department is requesting the change. The change is that employees will be able to get along, work with, and be productive with coworkers they may not get along with.
  2. Answers will vary but may include interviewing the head of HR, as well as specific employees about their experiences. Or, you may want to create a focus group of employees to discuss their experience in working with difficult colleagues.
  3. Answers will vary but may include that you will observe one or two employees on the job to see what issues they encounter when working with others in their job.
  4. Answers will vary. To see an example of a filled-in chart, open Needs Analysis Chart-HR course example.docx.