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Tools, Services, and Management

Tools, Services, and Management

Google+ is a fairly new social media platform and there are new tools and services coming out regularly.

There are many third-party extensions that you can add to your browser for easy ways to interact with your Google+ wall without physically visiting your company page. These are specific to each browser.

One group of tools that is gaining popularity are Google+ URL shorteners. By default, your personal and company pages will include a long string of characters, as seen in the screenshot below for Webucator's page:

One popular shortener is It's fast and easy to make a custom URL, as seen in the screenshot below for Webucator's page:


Some things to consider from a management perspective are:

  1. Make sure you have a specific policy related to who can post on behalf of your company.
  2. Encourage employees to help provide content for Google+ posts.
  3. Google+ has fewer active users than other platforms but more SEO benefit. Consider how much time should be committed to Google+