Internal Google+ Opportunities - Exercise

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Internal Google+ Opportunities - Exercise

Internal Google+ Opportunities

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will eevelop thoughts on your company's use of Google+.

Develop three ways your company can use Google+. Consider how you might best use:

  1. A company profile.
  2. Individual profiles.
  3. Circles.
  4. Hangouts.

Also consider how you might target search results using your posts. What are some keywords that you might target using Google+?


As Google+ is a new and ever-evolving social media tool, it will take some time to determine how your company might best use the platform. Consider some of the options presented above to help guide your initial decisions.

For this solution, lets look at one specific angle - individual profiles within a company. Consider the screenshot below from Michael Dell, CEO of Dell.

Michael Dell is a big fan of Google+ so he had their social media team develop and manage a company Dell account, but he also has his CEO channel. It's pretty popular with over 300,000 followers.

While he would be free to speak his mind, he spends most time posting about Dell initiatives and his thoughts behind them. This might be a good example for companies to follow - putting a personal touch on the CEO position.

Have fun testing out Google+ opportunities for your brand!