Google+ for SEO

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Google+ for SEO

Google+ for SEO

When we discuss SEO and social media platforms, Google+ seems to be the clear winner at the moment. Not only is there an opportunity for your shared content to show up on a Google search, search results are now highlighted if any of your Google+ followers have shared a web page. Google's goal is to provide the most relevant search results possible, taking into account both:

  1. The search itself.
  2. The searcher and his/her community.

The screenshot below shows the result of a Google search for AT&T. check out the bottom result: their Google+ page and their latest post:

The following is the top result for a Google search by the author of this course for best Google+ company page. It shows up first because the author is a follower of Pete Cashmore on Google+:

If your company's main goal with social media is to help with SEO, then you want to actively use Google+.