Google+ for Branding

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Google+ for Branding

Google+ for Branding

There are numerous ways to use Google+ to engage with current and prospective customers. You will need to decide how to showcase your brand on Google+ and how much time to devote to this platform.

Things to understand about Google+ before we dive too deep include:

  • Profile: Users must have either a Gmail or Google Apps email account to register for Google+. Also, any personal user can set up a company page, and personal and company pages have similar features.
  • Circles: Users can create circles, such as family, friends, acquaintances, etc., and then place individuals or companies within one or more circles. Users can then deliver different content to different circles.
  • Hangout: Users can use hangouts to host video chats/meetings with up to nine attendees. This is a great collaborative tool.

Interacting on Google+ is similar to interacting on Facebook: users post content and it shows up on all followers' walls. Consider the example post below from Pete Cashmore of

For an alternate view, check out this screen shot from AT&T's profile:

Note that it is very similar to a Facebook company page, with logo, images, followers, and posts.