Grow Where You Are Planted

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Grow Where You Are Planted

Grow Where You Are Planted

Often we operate much below what our true potential is because we do not aspire to do something out of the norm. And if we do, we let obstacles stop us and we give up on our dreams.

Goal setting helps you get out of your comfort zone and expose yourself to circumstances, challenges, and emotions that you would not otherwise experience. We all have it in us to sustain through obstacles and keep moving forward.

We don't have to be somewhere else, in someone else's shoes with a different set of circumstances. We can be exactly where we are and continuously grow by following some basic guidelines.

Believe in Yourself

Keep the following in mind:

  1. Start believing in your ability to succeed in your goals.
  2. No matter what the external circumstances are, your self-belief that you can push through and accomplish your goal will be crucial for sustaining through the goal-setting journey.
  3. Keep envisioning that you can accomplish your goals.
  4. The small sub goals you successfully complete along the way will help you believe in yourself.