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Webucator's Free Goal Setting and Time Management Tutorial

Welcome to our free Goal Setting and Time Management tutorial. This tutorial is based on Webucator's Goal Setting and Time Management Training course.
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Good time management is one of the keys to excellence and success at work and in everyday life. We all have only a finite amount of time in life. People who choose to improve their time management skills enjoy a higher quality of life and are happier.
Goal setting will take you to the next level in your personal and professional life and help you fulfill your dreams. You've already taken the first step toward goal setting by completing the lesson on time management. However, before we get started with the actual process of goal setting, it is important to recognize where you are today, and why goal setting is important.
Often the difference between success and failure in goal setting is dependent on whether or not your goal is a "SMART" goal. While the SMART paradigm provides a framework to think about your goals, it is always important that the goals you set be your own goals.
With SMART goal setting strategies under your belt, you've made the right start in your goal setting journey. Now you need to make sure you have an excellent support system in place to help you accomplish your goals. You'll be happy to know that most of the elements of the support system you need already exist. All you need now is to identify the areas you need support in, find the right enablers and put your support system in place.
In this lesson, you will learn some key strategies and concepts to help you accomplish your goals. Should you be persistent or flexible for successful goal setting or should you be both? This decision depends to a large extent on your commitment to your goal, the progress you make and your mental makeup. Understanding what persistence and flexibility really mean and when you should adopt one or both approaches will help shape your mind-set and allow you to make smart decisions.