Turn Your Social Network into Your Cheerleading Network

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Turn Your Social Network into Your Cheerleading Network

Turn Your Social Network into Your Cheerleading Network

It is important to turn your social network into your cheerleading network for your goals. The kind of support base you need to build should:

  1. Support you.
  2. Cheer you on.
  3. Encourage you during setbacks.
  4. Help you keep focused on your final objective.

Being Selective

Build the Right Support Base

The most important criteria in selecting a person or group to share your goal with is to gauge whether they will impede your progress or actively support it.

Look for people who will:

  1. Encourage you to aim higher.
  2. Encourage you to never give up.
  3. Feel vested in your success.

But, don't just look for those who agree with everything you say or do. Also look for those who can provide critical feedback and can be a devil's advocate and point out flaws in your approach or plan.

Whom to Avoid

Avoid people who will:

  1. Ridicule your goals.
  2. Try and block you from achieving your goals.

Some people are eternal pessimists and they can tire you down with their persistent talk about all that will go wrong. There is nothing to gain from sharing your goals with such people.

Sharing Your Goals

Your journey toward your goals can have many milestones, bumps, twists, and turns along the way. By sharing your goals, you will reap the following benefits:

  1. Much needed encouragement during your journey especially when you face setbacks or when the results are not immediate.
  2. Satisfaction from inspiring others. Sharing your goals with others can also serve as an inspiration for them.

Make Yourself Accountable

You can also use your support base to hold yourself and/or your team accountable in the pursuit of the goal. An example of how to do this might be to set up regular meetings with your team to discuss the progress you have made.

If your goal is to increase productivity in your department and halfway to the deadline you set you see you are not where you should be, schedule a meeting with the team to explore the reasons why and then either revise the deadline or put a process in place that will help meet that goal.