Understanding SMART Goals - Exercise

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Understanding SMART Goals - Exercise

Understanding SMART Goals

Duration: 10 to 15 minutes.

In this exercise, you will answer the following questions about SMART goals.

  1. Which of the following are traits of SMART goals?
    1. The goal should be relevant and time bound.
    2. The goal should be general and attainable.
    3. The goal should be relevant and important to the person setting it.
    4. Progress toward the goal should be measurable.
  2. Think of a goal you set in the past and failed to accomplish. Compare the goal against the SMART framework and determine if any element is missing.


  1. A, C, and D.
  2. If there was an element missing in your failed goal, reflect on what you could have done differently to align it with the SMART framework. For example, if your goal did not contain an element that can be measured, you need to quantify the goal in some way. If the goal was to reduce turnover, but there was no mention of how much you want to reduce turnover, the goal should have been: "To reduce turnover by 25% by the end of the quarter."