Developing Facebook Posts - Exercise

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Developing Facebook Posts - Exercise

Developing Facebook Posts

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will design a few original Facebook posts for your company.

Write three engaging Facebook posts for use in the coming weeks. Be sure to consider:

  1. The tone of your post. Is it conversational and friendly?
  2. The content of your post. Is it interesting and relevant to the promotion of your products or services?
  3. A call-to-action. Do you want users to click on a link or perhaps post a comment?


Let's look at a recent post from Dell. Check out the screenshot below.

Let me give you two important reasons why I like this post as an example:

  • The use of pictures. When you use pictures in posts, it takes up more real estate on follower's wall feed, so your brand is more noticeable. And it allows for additional messaging space.
  • A call to action. Dell is asking its followers to join in the discussion by having them respond with an answer to a relevant question to their business.

Using that Dell post example, consider ways you can use engaging posts to increase your brand's presence on Facebook!