Understanding How to Speak with Intent - Exercise

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Understanding How to Speak with Intent - Exercise

Understanding How to Speak with Intent

Duration: 5 to 10 minutes.

Answer the following questions and then discuss as a class.

  1. True or False: to speak with intent also means to speak with integrity and respect others.
  2. You want to tell a co-worker that his or her spelling in a particular document is terrible and it must be fixed prior to giving it to upper management. If your intent is to help your co-worker, what would be the best way to tell him or her and also get across your intent to help?


  1. True.
  2. A good example of how to tell your co-worker about the spelling errors with positive intent would be: "This document is for upper management and I want them to see all of your good ideas without being distracted by spelling issues. Why don't you go through it again and make sure all the words are correctly spelled so it represents you properly."