Optimizing the Video Experience for Mobile

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Optimizing the Video Experience for Mobile

Optimizing the Video Experience for Mobile

Optimizing for Mobile

As the percentage of traffic to our websites from users on mobile devices grows, so too, of course, does the percentage of users viewing video from mobile. Before we delve into file formats, HTML5 code, or JavaScript, let's spend a few minutes on content creation: how should the video footage you shoot be different if your intended audience will be watching from a 3" screen?

First, keep in mind the constraints of the device. The small screen size on mobile devices means on-screen text or captions will be difficult to read if too small; be sure to make text big. Ditto with in-video links: it's often better to present hyperlinks on the Web page, above or under the video player, rather than in the video itself. A small screen also means wide, far-away shots will be difficult to view: zoom in on the interesting stuff.

Similarly, visitors on mobile devices frequently will hear the audio from your video on small, tinny speakers: be sure to make the audio as clear as possible.

Most importantly, test your video: does it look good on your smartphone? Of course, testing the video for optimal viewing is a best practice regardless of the intended viewing device - but testing on a phone should be a given.