Maintaining Service Standards

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Maintaining Service Standards

Maintaining Service Standards

Once the work of creating a service standards document is completed, it must be maintained. Standards can become obsolete as business practices change. Regular review of the standards by management teams is critical and should be communicated to employees on a timely basis.

The standards can be revised, deleted, or new ones added at any time if sufficient information is available to warrant the revisions. Information can be gathered in the following ways:

  1. Through feedback from employees and customers about how the service standards are working.
  2. Customer service satisfaction surveys.
  3. Review of employee performance processes to assess the effectiveness of the standards and annual goals.

If the standards are revised, the new ones need to be disseminated to the rest of the employees. This can be accomplished by:

  1. Regularly scheduled quarterly training sessions.
  2. Providing the service standards document to employees through email.
  3. Using the company newsletter.
  4. Handing out the new service document at regularly scheduled meetings.