Check for Understanding: How Would You Handle It? - Exercise

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Check for Understanding: How Would You Handle It? - Exercise

Check for Understanding: How Would You Handle It?

Duration: 5 to 10 minutes.

In this exercise, please review the following conversation that took place between Maria, a customer, and Raul, an employee.

Raul: Good afternoon. This is Raul. How may I help you?

Maria: This is the third time I have tried to contact your company. Your stupid computer answering system is completely impossible to get through! I want to talk to a human! Right now!

Raul: Hey, lady, I am a human! Now what do you want? We are really busy here, you know.

Maria: Look, young man, you don't have to be rude to me! I am a customer, and I have rights! Now, put someone on the phone who can help me!

Raul: I am on the phone with you now, but I can't help you unless you tell me what is wrong. So, what do you want?

Maria: Well, this is the last time I ever use the services your company provides! Good bye!

Raul: Good riddance!

  1. What went wrong in this conversation? Where did it get off track? How would you handle Maria?


  1. The conversation took a bad turn when Raul was rude to Maria after she complained about the phone system. Raul should have responded to Maria professionally in order to move past a discussion of the phone system and on to the reason for her call. For example, he should have said, "I am sorry about your experience with our phone system. What can I do to help you?"