Develop Loyal Customers

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Develop Loyal Customers

Develop Loyal Customers

As mentioned in the previous section, loyal customers generally make up around 20 percent of the customer base, but provide around 50 percent of the sales revenue. It is important, therefore, to develop those loyal customers, giving them reason to come back and to bring their friends. The following techniques can be helpful with respect to creating loyal customers:

  1. Reward loyal customers.
  2. Survey customers.
  3. Involve loyal customers.
  4. Keep in touch with loyal customers.
  5. Thank loyal customers.

Reward Loyal Customers

Ways companies reward loyal customers include:

  1. Sending birthday greetings with small gifts or incentives.
  2. Providing punch cards that offer a free product or service after purchasing a certain number of products or services.
  3. Setting up a reward point system that gives the customer a free product or service after earning a certain number of points.
  4. Sending a "we've missed you" greeting card with an incentive if you have not seen them in awhile.

Short messages or small offerings like these will let your customers know you value them and their loyalty to your company.

Survey Customers

Ask your customers what they think about your company and/or service. This can be done quickly and simply by asking just two questions:

  1. Would you recommend us to others?
  2. Why or why not?

Both positive and negative responses will provide valuable information for training purposes. If the customers say yes, the reasons they provide will help you determine what you need to do to continue to provide good service. Negative responses will let you know what you are not doing effectively.

Involve Loyal Customers

Ask your loyal customers for their input when considering making changes to your product line or service offerings. Customers will like feeling like they have a say in some of the business decisions you make. By considering customer input, you could also avoid making a potentially damaging decision.

Keep in Touch with Loyal Customers

Target your messages to customers appropriately by sending the right messages to the right customers at the right time. Do not overwhelm them with multiple messages, but do keep in touch by providing helpful information that is customized just for your customers. Find an acceptable balance between sending too many messages and too few.

Thank Loyal Customers

Use any business transaction, no matter how large or small, as an opportunity to thank your customer and show your appreciation for their patronage. Some other ways to thank your customer include:

  1. Support local charities. When your customers see you support the same charities they do, they will appreciate your company more.
  2. Get involved in the community. It can be surprising how much you can get in return for giving back to the community.