Create Memorable Service

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Create Memorable Service

Create Memorable Service

Great customer service is service that exceeds the customer's expectations and becomes memorable enough that the customer talks about it to others.

Continuously exceeding the customer's expectations will help create memorable service. Once a customer has experienced great customer service, he or she will expect that kind of service in the future, and if it continues to happen, that customer is likely to talk about it. Talking about it is likely to bring in more customers who will also be expecting great service.

Service Above and Beyond

There are many ways to exceed customer service without costing the company a lot of money. Many of these opportunities to impress your customer with excellent service cost nothing more than time.

  1. Take that extra step with your customer. If there is an opportunity to help a customer even if there is no immediate profit in it, take the opportunity. The customer will remember it and not only return to your company when he or she needs your product or service, but will tell others about the service.
  2. Follow up with your customer. Take the time to call or email the customer after the service has been completed to make sure everything is ok. Offer further service, but do not use this opportunity as a hard sales call.
  3. Offer something extra. If you have to cancel or change the customer's request, offer an incentive as a way of apology. For example, If you have to change a scheduled meeting or event with your customer, offer him or her a free service or product as a way of making up for the inconvenience.
  4. Train your staff properly. Make sure you and your staff have all the knowledge and information needed to answer questions and make decisions that will please the customer.
  5. Be sincere. Service that is perceived to be insincere or phony will turn the customer off quicker than poor service will. Let your customer know you mean it when you provide customer service.

Memorable customer service occurs when customers walk away from your company feeling that they have been treated like they are special.

Great Customer Service Examples

You can find examples of great customer service online, but how often do you actually hear your friends and colleagues talk about great customer service? People are usually more apt to complain about poor service than they are to rave about excellent service. What we need to do is to create more excellent customer service opportunities so our customers have more positive experiences to talk about.

  1. Problems can be opportunities. If a customer has a complaint or problem, take it as an opportunity to not only resolve the issue, but to go an extra step and offer additional service or incentives. For example, if a customer complains because his or her latest invoice is incorrect, fix the problem and then offer the customer a discount on the next invoice to make up for the inconvenience.
  2. Have a lagniappe handy. A lagniappe (from Louisiana French pronounced "lan-yap") is a small token or gift given by a merchant to a customer when it is least expected. Some examples of lagniappes are when the baker adds a 13th donut to an order of a dozen donuts or the receptionist handing a client a long-stemmed rose as she leaves the salon after a makeover. Lagniappes can also be bonuses or unexpected services.
  3. Treat customers like VIPs. When customers enter your establishment, acknowledge their presence and offer to assist them. Listen to them carefully and be ready to accommodate their needs.
  4. Surprise your customers. Continually look for ways to surprise your customers by doing something unexpected. For example, in a car rental company, the customer will be expecting a clean vehicle, with a full tank of gas. The customer won't expect a small welcome kit on the dashboard with a local map and coupons for a local coffee shop.
  5. Respond quickly. When a customer contacts you with a complaint or problem, respond immediately and have a process in place to provide quick resolution of the problem. Do not make customers go through a long process, especially if it involves providing a refund for a defective product or unsatisfactory service.
  6. Be proactive. When creating products or service packages for your customers, anticipate their needs ahead of time and be proactive in providing them. For example, a photography studio could include discount coupons to a local hair salon in its bridal packages.
  7. Get to know your customers. Learn their names and what kind of products or services they purchase. Offer related services or products when appropriate, but do not hard sell them. Follow up with them in a timely manner to make sure they have enough of the product or to see if they need more of the service.

Create great service experiences for your customers consistently and they will become loyal customers, returning to purchase more of your product or service. They may also bring their friends with them.