Value of the Hue

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Value of the Hue

Value of the Hue

The value of a hue describes the light or darkness of a hue. If values are close, meaning if they are very similar to our human eye, images blend together. If values are very different (greater contrast), parts of the image that are most different will "pop". Using the image terminology/Demos/abby.jpg, we will show a sample of value.

  1. Open terminology/Demos/abby.jpg in Photoshop.
  2. Click on Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation.Image Adjustments Hue Saturation
  3. Move the Lightness slider to -70.Hue/Saturation Dialog Box
  4. Move the Lightness slider back to 0. Click OK.Hue/Saturation Dialog Box
  5. Close the image without saving changes.

When the hues are at the dark end of the spectrum, the subject of the image is hard to determine and everything blends together.Cat in Dark Hues 2013 Tracy Berry

When the hues are at the light end of the spectrum, the subject of the image is easy to determine, the cat "pops" and is easy to recognize as the subject of the image.Cat in Light Hues 2013 Tracy Berry