White Space

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White Space

White Space

Once we have our color palette, we need to use caution and not oversaturate the application of the colors as every medium can benefit from empty space, often called white space.

The philosophy of less is more embodies the spirit of white space. In a physical space a few items really does bring attention to the focal point.

Before: Too much in one space, hard to focus on any one thing.Room with Too Much White Space2013 Tracy Berry

After: Removal of most of the objects allows the main artwork to be seen.Room with Proper White Space2013 Tracy Berry

In a web project, the product/message should be the focal point. The clean, simple design allows the focus to be on the content, not the design.Web Page with White Space2013 Tracy Berry

In a marketing piece, the balance of empty space vs. content should be balanced based on the type of project it is. See the two-page brochure below and notice the use of white space and balance..Brochure Cover with Proper White SpacePage 2 of the trifold brochure:Page 2 of Brochure with Proper White Space