Work with Color Principles - Exercise

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Work with Color Principles - Exercise

Work with Color Principles

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will change the tone of a project by applying various color principles.

  1. Open C:\ClassFiles\color-principles\Exercises\ or C:\ClassFiles\color-principles\Exercises\logos.psd.
  2. Edit each logo to make the feeling and tone of the logo very different. No right or wrong answers, just explore.


  1. Open C:\ClassFiles\color-principles\Exercises\logos.psd.
  2. Edit the images to make them opposite of the current tone.
    1. In Photoshop, make sure the Swatches panel is active (Windows > Swatches) and that the logos layer is active.Swatches Panel and Layers
    2. Use the Paint Bucket Tool Icon Paint Bucket Tool to apply colors to parts of the logos.
  3. Your results may look like the ones below.
  4. BeforeOriginal Logos
  5. AfterAltered Logos