Scope of Project

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Scope of Project

Scope of Project

Scope can be defined as the tasks and effort that will be needed to bring a product or service to market. A scope statement should be drafted and stored as part of the rollout documentation. Its goal is to make you think of all details, aspects, angles, and possible roadblocks that we may encounter during the life cycle of the project.

As scope pertains to the color choice, we need to make a list of all mediums we plan to have developed in the life of the project. This may include screen formats such as websites, online intranet materials, physical print materials, to physical decor.

We then need to develop lists of needs, reports of status, and color themes for each medium in order to have the smoothest project experience possible. A well-planned project is a happy project!

Sample project scope statements:

Project Scope Statement for ABC ChildcareScope Statement for ABC Childcare - file location ClassFiles\color-context\Demos\ProjectScope_ABC.docx

Project Scope Statement for Lovely LaceScope Statement for Lovely Lace Clothing - file location ClassFiles\color-context\Demos\ProjectScope_LovelyLace.docx