Audience Type

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Audience Type

Audience Type

The target audience can be described as the primary group or groups that a marketing message or website is intended to attract. When the results of design projects are displayed in world markets, it is harder to define the target audience, as, in theory, anyone with an internet connection could be a potential viewer of the message. The question is, with so many potential individuals, how do we direct a message?

The audience can impact the choices that you should be making in a project. The number of audience types is diverse as the world itself, however. We will list a few basic characteristics of audience types.

  • Demographics: Data gathered and then parsed out into basic categories for easy retrieval. These categories may include:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Lifestyle
    • Economic
    • Product consumption
  • Cultural background: The diverse cultures that we are all raised in do sway our opinions of what others may or may not think/feel.

As we face a global market, the categories above are one way we can try to target an audience based on the types and services that we are offering. As the amount of detailed data that is gathered is growing exponentially as more people join various online resources that collect and track their every move, the number of services that can help you make sense of it all are growing as well.

Before you tackle a new design project, electronic or physical, do some research and find out the current trends.