Work with Client Color Plans - Exercise

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Work with Client Color Plans - Exercise

Work with client color plans

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will create a color plan for two different client projects. Each one will have different needs. Read the summaries below and build a color plan for each. Use the forms provided to build your color plan. Later in the course you will use software, such as Photoshop, to build the interactive color palettes. The forms are located in the class files as a word file, you also have a PDF print and E-Form version to work with.




For each of the case studies, create color options and prepare them in a manner in which they may be shared and approved by the client.

Case Study 1: You have received a request from an existing daycare facility named ABC Childcare. They are interested in promoting to gain new clients and keep existing clients as well. They have mini trips throughout the year that encourage education. Their needs are Public facing website and a set of marketing materials (brochure, business cards, billing forms). they already have a logo to work with and have sent you a copy (located below). ABC Childcare Logo

Case Study 2: You have received a request from a new high end ladies clothing store that specializes in vintage clothing. They will have a store front that will also need a look and feel. They have requested store front decor, public website and business cards. They have provided their logo.Lovely Lace Logo


Case Study 1: See the form below to see one possible solution.Lovely Lace Project Form Case Study 2: See the form below to see one possible solution.ABC Childcare Project Form