Color "Feeling" Mood

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Color "Feeling" Mood

Color "Feeling" Mood

Color choice has a dramatic effect on the "mood" of a project as each culture attaches a feeling or mood with various colors. Depending on where you were raised, the color Red for example may have happy references such as people from China who feel red is lucky. If you were of a Celtic background, you may associate the color red with death.

Notice how the pig, which is pink looks familiar.Pink Pig2013 Tracy Berry

Now notice how the pig in neon green looks very unnatural as pigs are not green.Neon Green Pig2013 Tracy Berry

Cultural Reference

As every color has a different meaning to many cultures, it is always a good ideas to analyze the target audience of the project and if you are not familiar with the culture, do some research and find out all you can about use of color in their culture.

The following derived from the following site: This a great resource and there are many other like it as well.


  • Eastern: Worn by brides, happiness and prosperity
  • Western: Excitement, danger, love, passion, stop, Christmas (with green), Valentines Day


  • Eastern: Marriage
  • Western: Love, babies, especially female babies, Valentines Day


  • Western: Halloween (with black), creativity, autumn


  • Eastern: Wealth, strength
  • Western: Wealth


  • Eastern: Proof against evil, for the dead, sacred, imperial
  • Western: Hope, hazards, coward, weakness, taxis


  • Eastern: Eternity, family, health, prosperity, peace
  • Western: Spring, new birth, go, money, Saint Patricks Day, Christmas (with red)


  • Eastern: Wealth, self-cultivation
  • Western: Depression, sadness, conservative, corporate, "something blue" bridal tradition

Powder Blue or Baby Blue

  • Western: babies, especially male babies


  • Eastern: Wealth
  • Western: Royalty


  • Eastern: Funerals, helpful people, children, marriage, mourning, peace, travel
  • Western: Brides, angels, good guys, hospitals, doctors, peace (white dove)


  • Eastern: Career, evil, knowledge, mourning, penance
  • Western: Funerals, death, Halloween (with orange), bad guys, rebellion


  • Eastern: Helpers, travel
  • Western: Boring, dull, plain, sad


  • Western: Stylish, money


  • Western: Wholesome, earthy, dependable, steadfast, health