Creating an Outline

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Creating an Outline

Creating an Outline

You can create an outline of a Word document and then work with the outline to create a master document and subdocuments.

To create an outline:

  1. Select the VIEW tab, and from the View group, select Outline. Outline Option
  2. Use the Outline Tools group to set headings and promote and demote text. Outline Tools Group

Promoting Sections in an Outline

To promote a section in an outline:

  1. In Outline view, highlight the section you want to promote.
  2. In the Outline Tools group, select Promote. Promote Option

Creating a Master Document

You can create a master document and then insert subdocuments in it in Outline view.

To create a master document:

  1. In Outline view, select Show Document from the Master Document group of the OUTLINING tab. Outlining Tab
  2. Insert subdocuments into the master document.

Inserting Subdocuments into a Master Document

To insert subdocuments into a master document, from the OUTLINING tab, in the Master Document group, select Insert, and then locate and select documents to link. Selected Documents