Using the Cloud

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Using the Cloud

Using the Cloud

SkyDrive provides account holders with a certain amount of free cloud storage.

You will need a SkyDrive account to perform the following. If you do not have one, go to to sign up.

To save and share a document to SykDrive:

  1. Add SkyDrive to your list of Places in Word, by selecting the FILE menu, and then clicking Save As.
  2. Click Add a Place.
  3. In the Add a Place section, select SkyDrive.
  4. In the Add a service dialog box, enter your email address and click Next.
  5. Enter your password and click Sign in.
  6. To save your document to the cloud and share it, select the FILE menu and click Share.
  7. Click Save To Cloud.
  8. In the Save As section, click your SkyDrive account.
  9. Click Browse and navigate to the SkyDrive folder you want to use, and then name your document and click Save.
  10. Log in to your SkyDrive account in a web browser at:
  11. Navigate to your document and select the check box.
  12. Select Sharing.
  13. Type the recipient's email address and a message, if desired. Uncheck the Recipients can edit check box if you want to give the recipient read-only access. When done selecting options, click Share.
  14. Your recipient can now view and change (if you did not uncheck the Recipients can edit check box) your document.