Using Mail Merge - Exercise

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Using Mail Merge - Exercise

Using Mail Merge

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will use the Mail Merge feature.

  1. Navigate to the Word2013.3/Exercises folder and open Artist Letter.docx.
  2. Use the Mail Merge Wizard to create letters that look like the following:Mail Merge Letter
  3. Things to note and hints:
    1. You will use an existing list located in the Word2013.3/Exercises folder and named Artists.xlsx
    2. Three pieces of recipient information need to be added to the document in place of existing text:
      1. Replace "Artist Address" with an Address Block.
        • You will need to click Match Fields to correct the address block.
      2. Replace "Dear First Name," with a Greeting Line.
      3. Replace "ALBUM" with Favorite Album (you will have to click on More items to find Favorite Album).


  1. Navigate to the Word2013.3/Exercises folder and open Artist Letter.docx.
  2. Click on the MAILINGS tab and in the Start Mail Merge group, click Start Mail Merge:Start Mail Merge
  3. Click Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard:Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard
  4. In step 1 of the Mail Merge Wizard, select Letters and then click Next: Starting document:Mail Merge Wizard Step One
  5. In step 2, select Use the current document and then click Next: Select recipients:Mail Merge Wizard Step Two
  6. In step 3, select Use an existing list and then Browse:Mail Merge Wizard Step Three
  7. Navigate to the Word2013.3/Exercises folder and open Artists.xlsx:Select Data Source Dialog Box
  8. In the Select Table dialog box, click OK:Select Table Dialog Box
  9. In the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box, click OK (note that you could deselect some of the recipients here):Mail Merge Recipients Dialog Box
  10. Click Next: Write your letter:Mail Merge Next: Write Your Letter
  11. In the letter, delete "Artist Address" and click Address Block:Mail Merge Address Block
  12. To correct the missing street address, in the Insert Address Block dialog box, click Match Fields:Insert Address Block Dialog Box
  13. In the Match Fields dialog box, to the right of Address 1, click the drop-down arrow and select Street and then OK:Match Fields Dialog Box
  14. In the Insert Address Block dialog box, click OK.
  15. In the letter, delete "Dear First Name," and click Greeting line:Mail Merge Greeting Line
  16. In the Insert Greeting Line dialog box, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the name and select Joshua so that only the full first name will show up in the greeting. Then click OK:Insert Greeting Line Dialog Box
  17. In the letter, delete "ALBUM" and click More items:Mail Merge More Items
  18. In the Insert Merge Field dialog box, select Favorite Album and click Insert and then Close (Cancel changes to Close after you have pressed Insert at least once):Insert Merge Field Dialog Box
  19. Click Next: Preview your letters:Mail Merge Wizard Step Four
  20. In step 5, preview your letter and click Next: Complete the merge:Mail Merge Wizard Step Five
  21. In step 6, click Print to print your letters:Mail Merge Wizard Step Six
  22. In the Merge to Printer dialog box, select All and click OK:Merge to Printer Dialog Box
  23. Select your printer and click OK to print.