Linking Documents Using Their Document ID

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Linking Documents Using Their Document ID

Linking Documents Using Their Document ID

The main function of the Document ID service is to provide a hyperlink to the document that will work even if the document is moved to another library or even another site.

The Document ID service uses a redirect page, DocIdRedir.aspx, that takes the unique Document ID generated by the service as a parameter. The following is a screen capture of the fixed URL created by the Document ID service for the EvaluateSharePointServer2010-ITPro.docx document located in the Documents library from the previous demonstration: Linking Documents

The URL can be seen by hovering over the Document ID property of the document.

The following walk-through will show you how to create a hyperlink on the Home page of your team site to a document in the Shared Documents library. For the document's URL, we will use the Document ID service's path.

  1. Copy the Document ID link of the EvaluateSharePointServer2010-ITPro.docx document.
    1. Click the Shared Documents link in your site's Quick Launch menu.
    2. Click the ellipsis button to the right of the EvaluateSharePointServer2010-ITPro link than click the second ellipsis button on the balloon pop-up and choose the View Properties from the options menu.
    3. Right-click the Document ID property link and choose the Copy shortcut option. Linking Documents
  2. Create a hyperlink on the Home page of your site that uses the Document ID URL to the EvaluateSharePointServer2010-ITPro.docx document.
    1. Navigate back to the home page of your site.
    2. Click the Edit link at the top of the page to edit the page.
    3. Place our insertion point at the bottom of the main middle content area.
    4. Click the Link button drop-down in the INSERT tab toolbar and choose the From Address option.
    5. Type "SharePoint 2010 ITPro Doc" in the Text to display field.
    6. Paste the copied URL form the Document ID property into the Address field. Linking Documents
    7. Click the OK button to save the hyperlink.
    8. Click the SAVE icon in the upper right of the page to save the changes.
    9. Click the link and verify it prompts you to open the EvaluateSharePointServer2010-ITPro.docx document.
    10. Cancel opening the document.