Enabling Content Approval

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Enabling Content Approval

Enabling Content Approval

The following walk-through will show you how to create a custom list and enable content approval for it.

  1. Create a new custom list in your site named "Approval Items".
    1. Click the Settings icon and choose the Add an app item.
    2. Select Custom List from the template choices and type "Approval Items" in the Name field.
    3. Click the Create button to complete creating the list.
  2. Enable content approval on the Approval Items list.
    1. Click the Approval Items link in the Quick Launch to navigate to the new list.
    2. Click the List Settings button on the LIST tab toolbar of the Approval Items list.
    3. Click the Versioning settings link under the General Settings group of the Settings page.
    4. Click the Yes radio button option for the Content Approval setting. Content Approval
    5. Verify the Draft Item Security setting is set to Only users who can approve items (and the author of the item). Content Approval
    6. Click the OK button to save the version settings change.
  3. Create a new item in the Approval Items list and approve it.
    1. Click the Approval Items link in the site's Quick Launch.
    2. Click the new item link.
    3. Type "Red Widget" in the Title field of the New Item form and click the Save button.
    4. Verify the Approval Status column is set to Pending for the new item. Content Approval

      The lists Draft Item Security setting determines who can view items that have not been approved. Since you left the setting at the default, only users who have the right to approve items and the creator of the item can see it.

    5. Click the ellipsis button to open the drop-down context menu for the Red Widget item and select the Approve/Reject option. Content Approval
    6. Select Approved from the Approve/Reject dialog and click the OK button. Content Approval
    7. Verify the Approval Status column is now set to Approved. Content Approval

Approved items are visible to all users with at least read permissions to the list.