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SharePoint Search Center

SharePoint Search Center

SharePoint Server 2013, both standard and enterprise, come with site templates for a Basic Search Center and an Enterprise Search Center. SharePoint Foundation only has the template for the Basic Search Center. Adding a Search Center to a site collection provides users with more advanced search options and scopes. The Enterprise Search Center comes with built in tabs on the search results page that includes a People search scope. To use the Enterprise Search Center the site collection has to have the Publishing Infrastructure feature activated. Once a Search Center has been created the site administrator can configure the site's default search box to link to it.

The following walk-through will show you how to create an Enterprise Search Center and configure a site to use it for search results.

The exercise at the end of this lesson performs the same steps and they only need to be done once for a site.

  1. Add an Enterprise Search Center to our site collection.
    1. Click Site Contents from the Quick Launch menu.
    2. Click the new subsite link at the bottom of the Site Contents page.
    3. Choose the Enterprise Search Center template from the Enterprise tab and type "Search" for both the Title and URL name fields. Enterprise Search template
    4. Select Yes for the option to Use the top link bar from the parent site and click the Create button. Enterprise Search template

      If the Publishing Infrastructure is not activated for the site collection, we will get the following error:

      Error message
    5. Click the Contoso Home Site in the Top Link bar to navigate back to the home page of your site.
  2. Configure our site's default search box to use the new Enterprise Search Center and enable scope selection.
    1. Click the Settings icon and then choose Site Settings from the options menu.
    2. Click the Search Settings link under the Site Collection Administration group.
    3. Select the Enable custom scopes radio-button option and type in the path to your search center, this example uses "http://spserver2013/sites/student00/Search/Pages" in the Search Center field. Search settings
    4. Click the OK button to save our changes.
    5. Navigate back to the home page of your site.
    6. Verify that there is a new drop-down field that lets us choose a scope for our search. Search scopes
  3. Test the new search functionality by searching again for the word "Fuzzy".
    1. Type "Fuzzy" in our site's search field and verify the scope drop-down field is set to Everything.
    2. Click the Search icon to start the search.
    3. Verify that we got at least one result back linking to a document found in the Contoso Root site. Search results

      You got back results from another site collection because with the Search Center you can pick the Everything option that includes everything within your farm.

    4. Click the Advanced Search link at the bottom of the search results page. Advanced link
    5. Verify the Advanced Search offers multiple options to help refine a search. Advanced search page