Working with Tasks - Exercise

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Working with Tasks - Exercise

Working with Tasks

Duration: 15 to 20 minutes.

In this exercise, you will create a task and update that task with new information. You will also change your task view.

  1. Create a task for planning a team event, which starts next Monday with a due date of Wednesday.
  2. Save and close the task.
  3. Update the task with a new due date of Thursday.
  4. Set the tasks view by start date.


  1. If not already in the Tasks area, go to it by selecting Tasks in the Navigation Pane. Tasks
  2. On the Tasks Ribbon, on the HOME tab, in the New group, select New Task. New Task
  3. In the Task dialog box, enter the task's subject, relating to scheduling a team event, in the Subject field. Subject Field
  4. Use the Start date and Due date drop-down lists to set a start and end date for your task of next Monday and Wednesday, respectively. Dates
  5. When the task is complete, select Save & Close in the Actions group of the TASK tab of the Ribbon. Save & Close
  6. Reopen the task by double-clicking it in the Tasks area. Tasks Area
  7. Using the Due date drop-down area, change the due date to next Thursday. Due Date Drop-Down
  8. Save your changes by selecting Save & Close in the Actions group of the Task tab of the Ribbon. Save & Close
  9. While still in the Tasks area, on the Tasks Ribbon, select the VIEW tab. VIEW Tab
  10. From the Arrangements group, select Start Date.Start Date