What Are Pivot Tables?

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What Are Pivot Tables?

What Are Pivot Tables?

Pivot tables are interactive tables that can be used to analyze, organize, and summarize large amounts of data. Pivot tables make it easy to rearrange data, quickly displaying it in different ways. Pivot tables usually have four types of fields:

  1. Page field (Report Filter). Use the Page field to filter data by a specific field.
  2. Column field (Column Labels). Use the Column field to display a field from the source data as column headings.
  3. Row field (Row Labels). Use the Row field to display a field from the source data as row headings.
  4. Data field (Values). The Data field is the field from the source data that you want to summarize or analyze.

In the following image, the pivot table shows the average price of homes in different towns based on the number of bedrooms. At the top is a Page field which can be used to show only houses with a specific number of bathrooms:Page Field