Introduction to Custom Variables

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Introduction to Custom Variables

Introduction to Custom Variables

Google Analytics has a plethora of default metrics, which can be used for slicing and dicing your data. For example, you can segment your data based on geographic locations, traffic sources, language preferences, etc. In addition to these default variables, Google Analytics allows you to define your own variables to classify and segment your data any way you like.

These user defined variables are called Custom Variables in Google Analytics. You can define up to 50,000 custom variables.

Why and When to Use Custom Variables

Practically you can create a custom variable even for segmenting internal traffic which is traditionally done via filters. In general you may want to define custom variable under the following conditions:

  1. If you want to create a different category which is not available in Google Analytics for segmenting your visitors.
  2. If you plan to capture specific information about your visitors and segment your data based on that information.

Examples of Custom Variables

  1. Identifying subscribers versus non-subscribers.
  2. Segmenting buyers based on their shipping preferences.
  3. Segmenting your visitor based on their professional background (e.g. technical vs. non-technical background). First make sure that you can legally obtain and use such information.