Valid Pairs of Dimensions and Metrics

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Valid Pairs of Dimensions and Metrics

Valid Pairs of Dimensions and Metrics

Google has outlined the following guidelines for selecting a valid pair of dimensions and metrics:

  1. You can choose any metric to build your custom report. You also don't have to pair them with dimensions, which means there are no restrictions to which metrics you can use.
  2. When paired with dimensions, metrics are subject to certain restrictions. Invalid combinations won't be accepted by the Custom Reporting feature.
  3. Google has categorized certain metrics and dimensions into groups. If you want to select dimensions or metrics from two different groups, your options are limited.

Understanding Dimensions Categories

Category List of Dimensions
Visitor Dimensions Hour of the Day, Page Depth, Days Since Last Visit, Visit Duration, Visitor Type, Count of Visits, City, Language, Region, Country/Territory, Continent, Sub Continent Region, Sub Region, User Defined Value
Campaign Dimensions Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, Ad Content, Ad Slot, Ad Slot Position, Source, Medium, Source/Medium, Referral Path
Content Dimensions Page Title, URL, Referral Path, Visit Type, Search Term, Refined Keyword, Site Search Category, Landing Page, Exit Page
E-commerce Dimensions Affiliation, Bill City, Bill Country/Territory, Bill Region, Days to Transaction, Product SKU, Product, Product Category, Count of Visits to a Transaction
Internal search dimensions Internal Search Terms, Internal Search Refinement, Internal Search Category

Understanding Metrics Categories

Category List of Dimensions
Visitor Metrics Bounces, Bounce Rate, Clicks, Entrances, Exits, % Exit, New Visits, Time on Page, Pageviews, Time on Site, Visits, Visitors
Campaign Metrics Cost, Impressions, CTR, CPC, CPM
Content Metric Unique Pageviews, Total Unique, Searches
E-commerce Metrics Unique Purchases, Product Revenue, Quantity, Revenue, Per Visit Value, RPC, Average Value, Shipping, Tax Transactions
Goal Metrics Goal Starts, Goal Completions, Goal Values
Internal Search Metrics Unique internal searches, Visits with internal searches, Number of internal searches, refinements, Visit duration with search, Visits with Search, Search Refinements, Time after Search, Search Depth, Search Exits

Valid Combinations

Category Valid Combinations
Visitor Dimensions Campaign dimensions, Content metrics, Visitor metrics, Goal metrics, Ecommerce metrics and dimensions, Internal Search metrics and dimensions
Visitor metrics Visitor dimensions, Internal Search dimensions, Campaign dimensions
Campaign Dimensions Campaign metrics, Visitor metrics, Visitor dimensions
Campaign metrics Campaign dimensions
Content Dimensions Content metrics, Goal metrics, Ecommerce metrics
Content metrics Visitor and Content dimensions
E-commerce Dimensions Visit level dimensions, Ecommerce metrics
E-commerce metrics Visitor, E-commerce, Internal Search and Content dimensions
Internal search Dimensions Visit level dimensions and metrics, Goal metrics, Ecommerce metrics, Internal Search metrics
Internal search metrics Visitor and Internal Search dimensions