Introduction to Advanced Segmentation

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Introduction to Advanced Segmentation

Introduction to Advanced Segmentation

Advanced segmentation allows you to include visits that meet a specific set of criteria. This may sound similar to creating a filter, however there are fundamental differences in the way filters and advanced segments act on your data.

Why to use Advanced Segmentation

  1. To quickly isolate and analyze subsets of your traffic.
  2. To slice and dice your historical as well as real-time data in a much simpler way than creating a filter.

Difference Between Advanced Segments and Filters

Advanced Segments Filters
Advanced segments act on historical data. Filtered profile will act only on the traffic going forward.
Advanced segments produce immidiate results, you don't have to wait for your results to show. You have to wait for your results to check if the filter is applied properly.
Advanced segments are portable i.e. they are available across all of your accounts and profiles. Filters are account and profile specific.
Advanced segments do not alter your data permanently. Filters permanently affect the data coming in a profile.
You can compare up to four advanced segments side by side in your reports. Filtered profiles can only be viewed one at a time.