Customizing Advanced Segments

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Customizing Advanced Segments

Customizing Advanced Segments

Customized advanced segments are based on logical statements (i.e. your data will get segmented by the logical statements which you construct). To begin creating advanced segments, navigate to the Advanced Segments pull down menu at the top left of your reports and select New custom segment.

Here are the steps to follow to create an advanced segment:

  1. Identify the appropriate dimensions or metrics for your segment.
  2. Drag the dimension or metric into the field bordered by the dotted lines.
  3. Choose the Condition appropriate to your segment (e.g. Greater Than, Equal To, etc).
  4. Enter the criteria for your segment (e.g. Pageview Greater Than 5).
  5. Click the appropriate tab to either insert the and statement OR the or statement. Or means an advanced segment that meets Condition A or Condition B. And means an advanced segment that meets condition A and Condition B.
  6. Click Test segment to do a test run. Test segment will return results for each condition and for the segment as a whole.
  7. Provide a name to your segment in the field labeled Name segment.
  8. Click Create Segment to complete the process.
  9. You have an option to select multiple profiles to which you wish to apply your advanced segment.

Tip: Before creating a customized advanced segment it is better if you first construct a logical statement based on what you wish to accomplish.