Keywords Optimization Strategy

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Keywords Optimization Strategy

Keywords Optimization Strategy

Keyword optimization is equally important as keyword research. Benefits of keyword optimization are as follows:

  1. Enables you to increase conversion rates.
  2. Improves CTR which can lead to improvement in your quality score.
  3. Improves return on investment (ROI) for SEM campaigns.

Consider the following points for your optimization strategy:

  1. Do not try to invent new keywords.
  2. Identify keywords that your customers use commonly (leverage data from organic sources).
  3. Understand which type of keyword (long tail vs. short tail, wide vs. deep) perform well for your Web site.
  4. Set up conversions to analyze the quality of traffic brought by paid keywords.

Long Tail vs. Short Tail Keywords

Long tail keyword are keywords that are highly specific. Long tail keywords tend to be three or more words in length. To what extent you should leverage long tail keyword depends on the context. Consider the following points:

  1. Long tail keywords are often less competitive to bid for.
  2. Long tail keywords are less frequently used and will usually represent less search volume.
  3. Long tail keywords are often specific and thus it is important to use an appropriate pair of ad copy and a landing page.
  4. It is not uncommon to create a separate Ad Group dedicated to long tail keywords.
  5. Consider using proper match type when using long tail keywords.